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Jump in, the water's fin-e! 

In 2015, Syrena, Singapore's First Mermaid, opened the doors of Singapore's Mermaid School. This is the 1st mermaid school in Singapore, and to date is the first of its kind in the world for its unique syllabus blending fantasy immersion and fitness orientation. 

Learn with the best, and fin with the finest here at Singapore's Mermaid School. Now enrolling for both kids and adults.

Live your mermaid dreams now! 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: When are classes held for Singapore's Mermaid School? 

A: Subject to scheduling. Please check our Facebook (

 or Instagram (@singaporemermaidpodofficial) 

and email for inquiries. 


Q: Where is Singapore's Mermaid School located? 

A: We are very much mobile! We have numerous mobile venue partners, centred mostly in the West, Dempsey, and central area. 


Q: Who is running Singapore's first mermaid school? 

A: Fittingly, Singapore's first mermaid school is run by Singapore's pioneer mermaid performer, Syrena.

Syrena has had a vision of creating Singapore's First Mermaid Pod: a gathering of likeminded, kindred individuals who can learn and play safely under the watchful guidance of a caring and experienced professional. Now you, too, can become part of Singapore's First Mermaid Pod when you join the Singapore Mermaid School. 


Q: Who can attend Singapore's first mermaid school? 

A: Anyone who can swim, and who has a mermaid's heart. 


Q: Are there any minimum requirements for me to join? 

A: We do ask that students should have the capability to swim safely without assistance. Before the first class officially kicks off, aspiring mers will be assessed on whether you can 1) swim 1 lap of a normal sized pool unassisted (floats will be provided if absolutely necessary), and 2) tread water for 20 seconds (or 15 seconds for kids). You don't need to be the strongest swimmer out there, though. All aspiring mermaids will start off using floatation aids, to help you get accustomed to swimming mermaid-style, before kicking off without any floaters at all. 


Q: How long will each class be?

A: 1h. Double sessions run between 1h 30 min - 2h.


Q: What will I do in class?

A: We'll start each class with learning about mermaid culture, history, and mythology from Syrena's unique mermaid syllabus. We will then go on to do some mermaid corework or breathing exercises - following which, we'll be diving into the pool for oodles of fun and learning!


Q: What are the benefits of mermaiding? 

A: Mermaiding has a myriad of benefits - in body, soul, and mind. Firstly, it's a fantastic way to keep fit, and works to tone those core muscles while you have fun. Get ready to torch some serious calories when you're frolicking around mermaid style. The best thing? You'll be having a blast the entire time! 

As mermaids, we place great emphasis on sisterhood and friendship. You'll get to meet other likeminded mermaids, and develop a strong bond with them. There's nothing better than the feeling of swimming with your mermaid pod, strong and graceful, through the way. 

We also believe that mermaids are strong, graceful, loving, compassionate, and confident beings. Here at the mermaid school, we aim to inculcate and nurture those values in every student through our core values: Strength, Beauty, and Love.


Q: How is the mermaid school structured?

A: As of now, the mermaid school will take you through 4 different levels of mermaid certification - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All aspiring mermaids will begin at the Bronze Level. During the Bronze Level, you'll learn all about your tail, how to care for you tail, and how to put on a mermaid tail. You'll also be learning mermaid corework exercises to strengthen and tone the muscles you'll need to swim with your mermaid sisters. All aspiring mermaids will begin swimming with floatation devices - this is to help you get used to swimming mermaid style, safely! Towards the end of the class, you will progress towards swimming in a tail completely free of any floaters. 

This isn't your ordinary swim school, either. Here at the first mermaid school in Singapore, you'll learn about mermaid culture, myths, and pop culture during every lesson. We believe that to truly be a mermaid, we must immerse ourselves in the mermaid world, learning all there is to know about these beautiful creatures. We also place a great emphasis on teamwork, bonding, and the mermaid sisterhood: we want this to be a time where you can get to know other mermaid-lovers and grow together as friends, and as a team. 

By joining the mermaid school, you'll also be joining Singapore's new mermaid movement - a movement promoting love, grace, compassion, strength, and dignity. During every lesson, you'll get to learn and share about the qualities and strengths that make mermaids mermaids -- even when they're going about everyday in their human disguises. 


Q: Any age restrictions? 

A: Not at all. Students will be divided into classes based on their age range. Children and teenagers will attend a mermaid class customized for them, while adults will attend a mermaid class customized for them. 


Q: Sounds great! How much does it cost to become a mermaid? 

A: The course fee for adults is $440 per Level (5 sessions). The course fee for kids is $440 per Level (5 sessions). You also have a choice of either renting a mermaid tail or purchasing one from us! 


Q: Will I get to own my own mermaid tail? 

A: Yes, absolutely! Mermaid tails are available on a rent or purchase basis. We have handpicked our tails for their balance of aesthetics and functionality. Our tails come in a range of different sizes to fit every mer, and come in a myriad of beautiful, shimmering colours. All our tails are made from durable stretch fabric in a multitude of magical colours, and equipped with a mermaid monofin. Tail listings will be disseminated once you email to indicate interest in Singapore's Mermaid School. 


Q: What if I would like to sign up for a private mermaid swimming course from you? 

A: That can absolutely be arranged. Syrena can conduct mermaid swimming courses in the privacy of your home or preferred venue, whether it be just for you, or for you and a group of your friends. Contact for specialized rates. 


Q: How do I sign up to become a student at Singapore's first mermaid school? 

A: Simply drop us an email at, or complete the Inquiry Form below. Please include your full name, age, swimming ability, and contact number. We'll be in touch shortly to enrol you and help you choose your own mermaid tail!



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