Experience the magic with Singapore's First Mermaid! 

Singapore's Original Mermaid Party
Make magic with the best - create memories with Singapore's original mermaid parties! Imagine the look on your little one's face when they see a real live mermaid at their party!

Have Singapore's best-loved mermaid make a magical appearance at your child's birthday party, for an unforgettable experience. Syrena will work closely with you to tailor a custom-made party programme based on your and your little one's wants and needs. 


Rest assured that you'll be inviting quality entertainment down to your little prince or princess' special day. You'll be joining an exclusive circle of happy families and children who have left Syrena's parties glowing, satisfied, and remembering the magic!  As Singapore's First Mermaid, Syrena has extensive experience in interacting with children, and will have your guests reminiscing fondly about their great memories for days afterwards.

Meet A Real Mermaid! 


Make your little one's day unforgettable - by inviting them to meet a real live mermaid! It's every little mermaid and merman's dream.

Syrena's extensive experience performing at children's events ensures that your child will be made to feel safe, at home, and the most special little prince or princess of the day.

Mermaid Appearance & Introduction 


Guests' eyes widen as Syrena makes her mermaid party appearance. Special surprise swim-ups (seen here) can be arranged.

Mermaid Storytelling & Fun Quiz Time


Let Syrena enchant at your mermaid party with fascinating tales of merfolk adventures under the sea - followed by a fun quiz time!

Mermaid Glitter Tattoo Session


Syrena personally applies intricate glitter tattoos to the party guests, in a myriad of designs and shimmering colours. Pool-proof, so the little guests can dive in right after!

Swim With A Mermaid!


Your little one will never forget the experience of swimming and interacting with a real, live mermaid.

Have your cameras and camera phones ready as Syrena enchants with her graceful aquatic skills - while your little one swims alongside her. These memories are priceless.

Mermaid Pool Games 


It's time for some splashy fun in the pool, with Syrena's mermaid pool games! Lots of fun and laughter guaranteed.

Don't forget that you can opt to top-up your pool games session with the addition of mermaid fins or mermaid tails for your birthday child and his/her guests! (advance notice required, please confirm numbers with us at least 2 weeks before your event)

Ask A Mermaid 


Has your little princess or prince ever had a question about Atlantica? King Triton? Ariel? Syrena's extensive experience as a professional mermaid and passion for the job allows her to field all mer-related questions with grace, enchanting and inspiring your little ones with tales of the mer world below!

Mermaid Photo Taking 


Snap a keepsake photograph (or ten!) of your guests posing with Singapore's own mermaid.

Polaroid Packages and Professional Instant Print Photo Packages are available upon request, and make a wonderful party souvenir! (see Top-Ups section)

Top-Up: Mermaid Transformation 


This fin-tastic party top-up allows you to rent mermaid fins or tails from us for your Singapore mermaid party! Let the little ones transform into mermaids, under the care of Syrena, Singapore's First Mermaid.

Advance notice (confirmation of at least 2 weeks before the event) is required. 

Top-Up: Underwater Videography with Personalized Video Reel 


Here's a beautiful way to capture the splashy memories from your little one's special day! We will video fun footage both onland AND underwater of your child and their guests having a whale of a time. We will then compile the best moments of the day into a personalized 2- 3 minute video reel set to mermaidy music, for your very own party keepsake. You'll get to relive the wonderful memories with your child for years to come. 

Top-Up: Additional Mermaid 


It's double trouble ... mermaid-style! Amp up the fun even more with the addition of a second mermaid. Let our dynamic mermaid duo entertain you with their antics. 

2 mermaids recommended for parties with 18 children and above. 

Top-Up: Pinata Session 


Ramp up the fun factor with a pinata session! Our pinatas are available in a range of funky designs - choose from mermaid themes, aquatic themes, pirate themes, superhero themes, or princess themes. Comes filled with sweet surprises. 

Top-Up: Mermaid Party Decor 


Party decor? We've got it settled! Choose from a range of mermaid, princess, pirate, superhero, and aquatic themes. Our event-planning affiliate is well-equipped to handle your every mermaid party request. Let us help you make this a party nobody will ever forget! 

Top-Up: Party Bags 


No more stressing about putting together party bags! Let us help you source out fun party bags that the kids will love. Special themes are available upon request. 

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